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All FilterMart absolute rated microglass elements are constructed of five layer media. Surrounding the high strength, zinc plated core is a pleat pack consisting of :

1.) an epoxy coated support wire screen 

2.) synthetic Reemay™ layer 

3.) specially designed microglass media 

4.) a second layer of Reemay™  

5.) a second epoxy coated wire screen.

The wire support layers allow for complete utilization of medium under extreme environmental conditions, surges, cold start up, and high viscosity to name a few. Specially designed microglass media utilizes a lower initial differential pressure giving FilterMart high performance elements longer service life than our competitors. FilterMart offers a variety of o-rings for every application: Buna-N o-rings are standard. Viton™ o-rings are required for phosphate esters. EPR-ethylene propylene is recommended for some applications. O-rings seals provide a positive sealing between element and housing. Zinc plated corrosion resistant endcaps meet or exceed most OEM specifications. FilterMart centertubes are also zinc plated. FilterMart high performance elements are of high quality and great value. We do not take manufacturing shortcuts or cost reductions for the sake of increasing profit.

FilterMart elements offer an outstanding value at very competitive prices, and compared to PALL™ with up to three times higher prices, an unsurpassed savings.

Reemay™ and Viton™ are Trademarks of DuPont

PALL™ is a Trademark of Pall Hydraulics Corporation